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Enable learning and development for customers and employees is our mission! We´re part of KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe Management B.V. and a provider of customized educational solutions. Knowledge is the key of organisational growth and governance. We know how to make knowledge transfer happen!

Realise learning & development

Investing into employee knowledge is key for ensuring sustainable growth, innovation capabilities and employee commitment.

Ensure service quality & corporate governance

Constant change in products, technologies and growing demands for compliance and security, makes it difficult to ensure excellent knowledge of service and sales employees.

Get to know the Academy!

The new Kyocera Academy offers a set of new and old functions in a new design. For example, there are no longer individual catalogues to choose from. You will find all modules available in the "Training Library". The old "myAcademy" section also has a lot of new features and is now called "My Training Status".

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