ECOSYS M3860idnf Series Update (ECOSYS M3145dn/M3645dn/M3145idn/ M3645idn/M3655idn/M3860idn/M3860idnf)

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  Tout le personnel des ventes, Tout le personnel de service, MDS
  25  minutes
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Brève description

  • In this elearning course you will learn about the new innovations of the ECOSYS M3860idnf series. In addition, this course shows you the optional accessories and consumables. Short videos will familiarize you with the installation of the Manual stapler MS-5100B, the WiFi adapter IB-36 and the maintenance features configurable via software in the product library. This course is an additional source of information and does not replace the service manual.

Groupe cible

  • Service Technician

Contenus théoriques et pratiques

  • Main changes
  • Common features
  • System configurations
  • New features
  • Manual stapler and WiFi option
  • New toner (40k)
  • Inner finisher with side shift and stapling function (ECOSYS M3860idnf)

La participation à ce cours de formation vous permettra

  • remember the differences to the predecessor
  • identify the new options and features