Learning Card - P31xxdn update info (ECOSYS P3145dn, ECOSYS P3150dn, ECOSYS P3155dn)

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  Tout le personnel des ventes, Tout le personnel de service, MDS
  10  minutes
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Brève description

  • This learning card will make and keep you aware of the improvements with the new P31xxdn series. It will also inform you about the well-known option modules from the predecessor series P30xxdn which will still be available.

Groupe cible

  • Service Technician, Sales Representative

Contenus théoriques et pratiques

  • Introducing the new series P31xxdn
  • Facts and Figures
  • Improvements at a glance
  • New service options for everyone

La participation à ce cours de formation vous permettra

  • Recognize the differences and new features of the P31xxdn series
  • Identify the common option modules with the predecessor series P30xxdn


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