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  60  minutes
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  • This web-based training will give you a short introduction into the newest panel software and will guide you through the most common use cases.

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  • Service Technician

Contenus théoriques et pratiques

  • Introduction - Get a first impression of the touch and operational panel and learn how to customize them.
  • Copy Function Tab - Get an introduction into the "Copy Function Tab" and learn how to perform simple copy jobs such as ID card copy. In addition create your own shortcuts and programs.
  • Send Function Tab - Get an introduction into the "Send Function Tab" and learn how to create new E-mail addresses, scan originals and send them to an E-mail address or store documents into a folder on a FTP server.
  • FAX Function Tab - Get an introduction into the "FAX Function Tab" and learn how to register FAX numbers or send Faxes. Additionally, you will know how to use the FAX box as well as the Polling box.
  • Custom Box - Get an introduction into the functionalities of a "Custom Box" and learn how to create one yourself. In addition, manage to store originals into your box and learn how to print them out afterwards.
  • Additional Functions - Learn how to use a removable memory device with KYOCERA multifunctional devices. In addition, get an introduction into the "Status/Job Cancel Function Tab", as well as the "Job Box".

La participation à ce cours de formation vous permettra

  • operate the Operation Panel and the Touch Panel.
  • perform personal customizations of the desktop and the taskbar.
  • carry out simple copy jobs such as “ID Card Copy” etc.
  • differentiate “shortcuts” and “programs”, as well as to create both of them.
  • send originals via E-mail or to a FTP folder.
  • register new FAX numbers as well as to send a facsimile using the Address Book.
  • create a custom box, store originals into it as well as print out of it.
  • use removable memory to store or print out originals.
  • prioritize or cancel jobs.
  • look for help or troubleshooting advice.


  • Firmware Version 2N4_2000.001.521 2013.04.27


Ce module de cours est un "paquet" contenant d'autres modules de cours.

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