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  30  minutes
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Brève description

  • Green printing – sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? But it’s not. You’re right, we do produce printers and copiers, and that’s not very environmentally friendly. But one of KYOCERA’s goals is supporting sustainability in all its development, production and distribution processes. In this training you will learn all about our different approaches.

Groupe cible

  • All Employees

Contenus théoriques et pratiques

  • Environmental issues in business
  • Product Design and Manufacturing
  • Use phase
  • Holistic approach to sustainability

La participation à ce cours de formation vous permettra

  • understand how Kyocera’s philosophy underpins its approach to sustainable products and operations and aligns with current environmental concerns.
  • explain the R&D philosophy that drives environmental innovation in Kyocera printers and multifunctional copiers as well as the role of life-cycle assessment.
  • give a basic overview of the impact this has on the products' ecological footprint at all stages of the life-cycle.
  • explain the product features that support sustainable operation and how to access them.
  • explain how Kyocera's technology can be combined with software solutions and a managed service approach to help customers achieve their sustainability goals.


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