Printing Technology - Introduction

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  Tout le personnel des ventes, Tout le personnel de service, MDS
  Théorie & Technologie
  45  minutes
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Brève description

  • This course will teach you the basics of printing You will become familiar with three important printing technologies, you will learn more about laser printing and you will find out some interesting things about paper and toner.

Groupe cible

  • All Employees

Contenus théoriques et pratiques

  • Printing Technology
  • Paper
  • Toner
  • Resolution

La participation à ce cours de formation vous permettra

  • explain the fundamentals of dot matrix printing, ink-jet printing and laser printing
  • explain the seven steps involved in laser printing
  • explain the difference between line and page printers
  • explain why the use of the right paper and original toner is important
  • explain the concepts ofresolution and printing speed.